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Ultimate is a sport of big moments – the long downfield huck, the layout goal, the end zone sky and the list goes on. Over the past four years of Major League Ultimate, those moments have been captured by our partners at Ultiphotos. In our new series, Caught in Action, we will look at some of the great moments from MLU’s history and how they have been captured by the talented photographers at

For this week, we chose to look back at one of the closest games of the year in 2016 for the Portland Stags – Week 2 matchup with the Seattle Rainmakers. Coming off the first game of a doubleheader weekend the day before, the Stags came to Seattle looking to repeat their Week 1 drubbing of the Rainmakers in Portland. The previous weekend’s game had been sweet revenge for the Rainmakers’ upset of the Stags in the 2015 Western Conference Final. Coming into the game heavily favored, the Stags were surprised to find themselves trailing for most of the first half, with the Rainmakers outscoring them in both of the first two quarters, leading 13-10 at half. 

Coming into the 3rd quarter, fans saw a much more energized Portland team, fighting their way back to a even score behind on four consecutive breaks, before the Rainmakers climbed back out front with just under 10 seconds left in the quarter. Looking to level the score before the 4th and final quarter, the Stags made one final bid at the end zone as the last few seconds ran down. From mid-field, Portland’s veteran handler, Ben McGinn saw what he wanted as two of Portland’s biggest deep weapons, Timmy Perston and Peter Woodside converged in the fair corner of the the end zone. With confidence in his teammates, McGinn let a long flick go and watched as Perston and Woodside tracked it, trailed by their respective defenders.

As the disc descended, both Stags ascended. Just as they reached the apex of their jumps, Ultiphotos’ Michael Bury snapped the shot, capturing the moment forever. Woodside would come down with it, tying the game heading into the final quarter. With the score deficit erased, the Stags played their usual dominant level of ultimate for the last 10 minutes, defeating the Rainmakers 25-22. (BOXSCOREWATCH GAME)


Portland’s Timmy Perston and Peter Woodside go up for the disc as time expires in the third quarter of the Stag’s April 17th matchup with the Seattle Rainmakers (Photo by Michael Bury –

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