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Ultimate is a sport of big moments – the long downfield huck, the layout goal, the end zone sky and the list goes on. Over the past four years of Major League Ultimate, those moments have been captured by our partners at Ultiphotos. In our new series, Caught in Action, we will look at some of the great moments from MLU’s history and how they have been captured by the talented photographers at This week, we take a look at a big moment in the 2016 Western Conference final, as captured by John King.

The Portland Stags finished the 2016 MLU Season with a 9-1 record, undefeated in the Western Conference. For the third consecutive year they were hosting the Western Conference Final, facing off against the team that upset them in the 2015 final – the Seattle Rainmakers. Needless to say, the Stags were eager to get over the hump and make their first MLU Championship appearance in franchise history. Right out of the gate, the Stags showed that they meant business, outscoring the Rainmakers 5-1 in the opening quarter, including a late break goal thrown by Raphy Hayes to a backpedaling Timmy Perston. Perston’s off-balance goal was captured by King, who snapped his shot just as the league’s all-time goal’s king can back down to Earth.

The Stags would go on to run rampant over the Rainmakers, doubling them up on the scoreboard to the tune of 18-9 (BOXSCOREWATCH GAME).


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