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Ultimate is a sport of big moments – the long downfield huck, the layout goal, the sky in the end zone and the list goes on. Over the past four years of . This week, we take a look at a spectacular moment captured by Bob Durling testtest.

In 2016, . While the Stags had been a dominant force on the West Coast, the Whitecaps had won two league titles in three seasons and were the winningest franchise in league history. The Stags’ first taste of cross-divisional would prove to be one of their most competitive games of the season.

Coming out of the half, the Stags trailed the Whitecaps 6-10 with Boston receiving the disc. As the Whitecaps looked to move down the field and extend their lead, the Portland defense tightened up. Because of the increased pressure, the Whitecaps were forced into an ill-advised pass as a floaty flick cruised towards a group of players from both teams near the Boston end zone. 

As both Stags and Whitecaps made their bids for the disc, it was Portland’s veteran defender who came down with it. As Davis made the snag, Durling snapped his shot.

While the Whitecaps won that day (), the Stags would not lose again for the rest of the season.

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