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Riley Meinershagen #12

Height: 6’2″ Weight: 165 Age: 31

Goals: 18 Assists: 40 Blocks: 49

MLU Experience: 4

The Portland Stags have been dominant in the Western Conference since 2014, and a large part of that has been a conference-low 683 goals allowed in the history of the franchise. A big piece of the stingiest defense in the West has been the presence of Riley Meinershagen on the Stags’ D-line. The 6-foot-2 defender out of Lewis and Clark college has been a pass blocking menace since his rookie year in 2013, holding the MLU career record for blocks (49) пластиковые алое.

Tall, long and fast, with great closing speed, Meinershagen has proven that he is willing to sacrifice his body if it means that he can gain possession of the disc for the Stags. After the turn, Meinershagen maintains his value to the Stags with smart throws, completing 89.4% of his career passes and recording 40 assists.

Career Highlights:

2016 MLU Western Conference Champion

Cleats & Cufflinks Mini-Episode: Riley Meinershagen

2013 Week 5 Highlight – Riley Meinershagen’s Ridiculous Catch Over Donnie Clark

2013 Week 4 – MLU Defensive Play of the Week


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