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Ben McGinn #21

Height: 6’4″ Weight: 190 Age: 26

Goals: 24 Assists: 60 Blocks: 13

MLU Experience: 4

The have a roster full of MVP candidates and highlight reel regulars, but potentially the most impactful member of their roster is somebody who rarely gets discussed: Ben McGinn. As he enters the prime of his career, McGinn has become one of Portland’s most reliable handlers, with his completion percentage rising year after year, from 88.5% as a rookie to 94.8% in 2016. 

McGinn is the only player in MLU history to have played +300 points on both the O-line and the D-line, a testament to his incredible versatility. Over the past 4 seasons with the Stags, the 26-year old handler out of Whitman College has really done it all for the team, whether he is shutting down opposing handlers or running the offense. On a roster full of known stars, McGinn may just be the most underrated player on the team how many grams in a dime bag.

Career Highlights:

2016 MLU Western Conference Champion

2016 Innova Throw of the Week – Conference Finals

2015 Week 4 – US Coachways Offensive Play of the Week

2015 Week 7 – US Coachways Offensive Play of the Week

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